Veeva CRM

What is VEEVA CRM?

Veeva is a closed loop marketing (CLM) tool based on the Salesforce CRM platform, it is targeted primarily at the healthcare, life sciences, and pharmaceutical markets and enables sales and marketing reps to deliver targeted, fully compliant, cloud-based content to sales prospects on iPad and desktop.

From VEEVA Website:

Veeva CRM is the first fully integrated multichannel CRM solution that enables life sciences companies to improve customer-centricity. Its true multitenant cloud-based architecture, robust partner ecosystem and rapid innovation cycles have made Veeva CRM the fastest-growing life sciences solution worldwide.


Our digital partners have been working in Pharma for a couple of years now and were introduced to a UK-based client who had been struggling with CLM/presentations for two of their major brands (one a leading ADHD suppressant drug and the other an insomnia suppressant targeted at the over-65s). The client had already targeted Veeva as their CLM platform of choice. Our digital partners were working with a leading healthcare ad agency to deliver the creative solutions but then they asked our partners for help to deliver the Veeva based architecture, development and final delivery of the solutions.

Our digital partners were happy to work with Veeva as it fits well into several of our existing focus areas:

  • Cloud-based platform – Our digital partners are Amazon AWS consulting partners and have extensive experience in delivering solutions on the cloud.
  • CRM based platform – our digital partners have built secure CRM solutions from the ground up for financial services and media clients.
  • iPad based – our digital partners have delivered several iPad based apps delivering presentation / CLM type material for financial services consulting agencies as well as delivering solutions to leading global credit card companies and banks.
  • We became a Veeva content delivery partners as it enabled us to quickly dive into the Veeva ecosystem and avail ourselves of their deployment support, tech training and account management.

How did we help?

They came on board in the following capacities:
  • Initial consultation with the client and the creative agency during the design phase of the CLM apps
  • Architecture of the CLM solution following our integration as a Veeva CLM partner
  • Prototyping of the CLM apps – browser based with full interactivity
  • Build of the CLM code
  • Integration of the code into the Veeva CLM platform
  • Troubleshooting, then company wide build and release management of the CLM apps
  • Fine-tuning, updates, general support
  • Build of two iOS apps from the shared codebase and deployment through TestFlight
  • General project management throughout the project
  • Managed service support following the project go-live

We worked closely in tandem with the creative agency, the client and their chosen development team to deliver an effective and satisfactory solution for all parties involved.

What was the end result?

The client is now delivering Veeva CLM based presentations to their UK customer base across their two brands via their salesforce of 20+ reps plus partners:
  • Beautiful iPad based presentations with retina-quality Adobe Edge Animate animated graphs, diagrams, and other interactive content
  • Full logging of calls and analytic capture via the Veeva CLM platform
  • Separate iOS apps delivered via an enterprise mobile delivery platform essentially using the same codebase but without the Veeva enablement – works well for partners and third parties who need the content but not the Veeva side of things
  • Although the main project has been delivered on time and on the budget, we’re maintaining a managed service support function for the client as they continue to get to grips with the platform and the content.

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