Automate your processes and get the most out of your Sales Team. In today’s busy business environment, your sales team does not have time to waste searching for leads, studying accounts, and combing through the phone book looking for potential new leads to cold-call. While sales teams that still use these outdated strategies fall behind, sales teams that incorporate social insights into the sales process are pulling ahead.

SalesForce Sales Cloud


The certified sales cloud consultants at Rudhra Info Solutions have implemented Sales Cloud integration for many businesses that are looking to connect with their leads and drive business. Through our Sales Cloud consulting services, your sales team can have everything they need to connect with customers, including up-to-date account information and social insights. This allows your sales team to collaborate with your marketing team and grow your business in ways you never thought possible. The Salesforce Sales Cloud allows businesses to: Cloud
  •  Manage accounts and contacts
  •  Track leads and opportunities
  •  Manage sales territories
  •  Manage workflow and approval processes
  •  Manage sales performance
  •  Collaborate using Chatter
  •  Gain real-time visibility using reports and dashboards
  •  Create and manage campaigns
  •  Manage partner network using Partner Community.


The Certified Sales Cloud Consultants from Rudhra Info Solutions want to help your business implement the Sales Cloud as quickly and as easily as possible. When you pursue a Salesforce partnership with us, we take the time to manage every step of the process to make sure that your CRM and Sales Cloud work exactly as you want. Our Sales Cloud Consulting Services include:


  •  Sales Cloud
  •  Workflows & Approvals, Validation Rules
  •  Security(Roles & Permissions)
  •  Reports & Dashboards
  •  Gathering requirements and understanding the customer’s vision


  •  Release Management Process development
  •  Roles & Responsibilities definition
  •  Tools & Utilities
  •  Maintaining open communication throughout the project
  •  Ongoing maintenance and support


  •  Integration with backend systems using Middleware (Cast Iron, Oracle SOA Suite, Informatica) and CTI Integration.
  •  .NET Java applications to handle complex logic.
  •  User and system documentation


  •  End User training
  •  Basic Administration training


Through our strategic partnership with, we have direct access to many of the architects and experts. This enables us to recommend the optimal solution for our clients that is aligned to future roadmap. This partnership enables us to offer industry-leading development, implementation and deployment methods to our clients.

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